My name is Elisha Bandel. I have been working in the building trades since I was 15 years old. Over the years I have tried just about every trade there is, but I was always drawn to woodworking. My passion is the building process, I love to watch as a pile of material is transformed into a beautiful home or piece of furniture. The majority of the work I have done over the years has been renovations, and restorations. Converting or adding suites to homes in Vancouver, and building, maintaining, and repairing boats.

I love the opportunity to be creative and problem solve, so I get excited when people come to me with projects that seem daunting or even impossible. I believe there is always a way and finding it is as much fun as building it.

The way I build is simple, it should be done right the first time, it should be strong, and most importantly it should be beautiful. If you are going to build something to last 100 years it ought to look good.